Why Heights Christian Schools for Your Child?

As the principal of the Chino Hills Campus of Heights Christian Schools for the past 25 years, I could give you an almost unlimited number of reasons why any Heights campus would be a great choice for your child. But I’ll work hard to limit my reasons to just a few.

Every person makes a multitude of choices during their life. But one decision ranks as the most important. That is choosing to have a personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ. As the only decision with eternal ramifications, we diligently work to make sure our students understand the importance of this decision.

Students at Heights are also taught many other Biblical truths. We know that God created males and females. That is a given. We do not have the power or authority to change what God has created. We know and teach that God is perfect in all ways. This includes how He created each one of us. Our unique looks, characteristics, and quirks were all designed by God. We want our students to understand that and value it greatly.

Society is changing around us at what seems like warp speed. But, at Heights, we hold to traditional values. We honor our first responders. We appreciate our nation. We honor fathers and mothers. We proudly teach these concepts to our students.

Ultimately, Heights exists because we are a school system. As such, we want to be excellent. Our history of accreditation, Blue Ribbon School recognition, high standardized test scores, and graduate success at the next level all speak to the quality of a Heights education. But we also want to educate as many students as possible. We strive to meet the needs of all learners. That’s why we have a Success program that offers extra assistance to students who struggle in certain areas. Our teachers commit themselves to do everything possible to make sure students are successful learners.

We also want to make private education affordable to as many families as possible. While private education is not cheap, Heights Christian Schools educates students for far less than the $12,000-$16,000 per year that California public schools spend educating students. For many families, tuition is a sacrifice but, at the same time, it is an incredible investment in your most precious asset-your child. To assist with making tuition affordable, we offer many programs such as Tuition Assistance, our Parent Ambassador Program (referral) along with Alumni and Pastoral discounts.

During the recent COVID years, it has been a great challenge interacting with parents since we have had to limit access to campus. Still, we strive to communicate at a high level through a variety of means whether it is through weekly newsletters, communication from teachers, calls from the office, school-wide emails or greetings in the drop-off or pick-up lines. We truly value partnering with our parents. The students are the greatest beneficiaries of this partnership.

At Heights, you know your child will receive the education students should receive in school. They will learn math, reading, writing, Bible, science, and social studies. There won’t be any surprise topics that you’ve seen argued about at so many public school board meetings lately. There are no surprises. You know what your child will be taught at Heights.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a school where you know your child will be safe, loved, and encouraged along with being taught strong, solid academics infused with a love for God and His great plan for us, then Heights is a school to consider.

We encourage you to look at us. Ask us questions. Tour our campuses and talk to our principals. We are proud of our schools and would love to share them with you.


Heights Christian Schools has developed a vision of serving the community by offering private education that is affordable to as much of the populace as possible. Partnering with parents since 1981, our schools provide a small campus feel where students are known by name and embraced as individuals, with the support, resources, and collaboration of a large, well-established school system. Heights Christian Schools provides a secure and nurturing educational environment for children, 6-weeks old through 8th grade. Our schools are known for the quality of student life, the strength of their academic programs, a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, and tremendous support from parents and families. Heights Christian Schools seek to educate students to know Christ personally, excel academically, think biblically, and positively impact their community for Christ. Currently, our schools serve the communities in and around Brea, Chino Hills, La Habra Heights, and La Mirada. To learn more, visit us online at heightschristianschools.org or call 714-921-9070.

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