HCS Seeks Donations to the Immanuel Fund On GivingTuesday

In the spirit of GivingTuesday on November 28, Heights Christian Schools (HCS), a private school system in Southern California serving infancy through the eighth grade for more than 40 years, has reintroduced the Immanuel Fund.

Demonstrating HCS's unwavering commitment to support and uplift its community, the fund offers critical emergency assistance to students, families, and staff members to address the diverse and urgent needs that may arise for them during unforeseen hardships. The fund extends its compassionate reach in four key areas:

Medical Expenses: Ensuring that no one in the HCS community has to bear the burden of overwhelming medical costs alone.

Emergency Housing Assistance: Providing a lifeline to families facing the risk of homelessness, offering stability during challenging times.

Educational Support: Removing barriers to education by assisting with the purchase of essential educational supplies for students affected by financial constraints.

Emergency Supplies: Offering immediate relief with emergency supplies for families, students, and staff members facing unexpected crises.

In 2022, HCS achieved a remarkable milestone by raising $43,712.64 to bless its community members. These funds provided critical financial support while also replenishing HCS's scholarship fund, demonstrating the profound impact of collective giving. In 2021, HCS rallied together to raise $31,000 to support community members with extraordinary needs. In 2020, amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, $25,991.97 was raised to serve local heroes, care for those impacted by cancer, and provide tuition assistance to students in need.

This year, HCS aims to continue its tradition of generosity and community support by setting a goal of raising $50,000 through the fund to help those in need overcome obstacles and continue their educational journey with confidence. To contribute to the Immanuel Fund or learn more about this vital assistance program, visit: https://www.heightschristianschools.org/donate/immanuel-fund



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