Koinonia Partnerships

Collaborating with Churches for Maximum Ministry Impact

Koinonia comes from a root word that means “partner” or “companion,” and has the idea of “sharing” – sharing possessions, experiences, and life with one another. In the spirit of sharing, Koinonia, Heights feels led to partner with churches for kingdom building with a “sky’s the limit” approach to what partnerships may look like based on the church, community, and city.

Partnership Models for
Kingdom Building & Disciple Making

Heights seeks to be true partners in ministry.  We understand that effective church-school partnerships requires a true commitment and willingness to build long-term, sacrificial relationships. Heights will take the time to listen to your church’s history, vision, and the felt needs unique to your community. Then, Heights and church leaders are encouraged to take time and prayerfully consider possible ministry connections into the future.

Did you know?

The mission of Heights Christian Schools is to lead children and their families into a relationship with Jesus Christ, equipping them in heart and mind to influence the world for God’s kingdom. For more than 40 years, at the heart of who we are, Heights is focused on kingdom building and disciple making.

Pastor Tyler Lemen
& Pastor Darcy Webster
Brea, CA

Heights Can Help You IMPACT THE COMMUNITY - Partnering in community impact is emphasized as missionally-aligned ministries share communication channels to pray for, encourage, promote, and participate in community outreach opportunities, including shared resources (time, treasures and talent). HCS tuition discounts for church partners (staff and congregation) are often available.

Pastor Louie Trevino
& Pastor Marissa Coloma
Wilmington, CA

Heights Can Help You BUILD A TEAM – HCS partners with churches exploring the possibility of a greater investment in their youth. Often this involves some expansion of children’s ministry facilities to include childcare, preschool and/or K-12 school. Through consulting, coaching and management opportunities, churches benefit from the expertise Heights brings to opening, running and expanding school operations, including backend operations. HCS offers invaluable expertise in defining roles, identifying qualified candidates and building the right team.

Pastor Josh Crain
& Pastor Audrey Eisenberg
Chino, CA

Heights Can Help You EXPAND MINISTRY REACH – Churches looking to expand the perimeter of ministry each by more fully utilizing the resources entrusted to them partner with Heights to open and operate a school on campus. The church offers the facility, their reputation and connections in the community.  Heights contributes decades of experience in launching and operating schools (preschool through Jr. High), expertise in state licensing requirements, staffing and professional development, curriculum, instructional strategies, partnering with parents, HR and legal compliance.


Why Partner with Heights?


Christian stewardship refers to the responsibility Christians have in maintaining and using wisely the resources that God has entrusted to us.  Quite simply, stewardship is recognizing that everything we have is a gift from God, and being both grateful and generous with those gifts.  The church buildings often sit vacant throughout the week.  Maximizing the use of the facilities entrusted to us for Kingdom Building purposes is a great example of responsible stewardship!  Partnering with another missionally-aligned ministry and sharing in outreach efforts, including events, advertising and marketing, facility costs, and other operational expenses is another example of efficiently and strategically utilizing the resources entrusted most effectively.

"We are only stewards of the world's resources. They are not ours; they are God's. When we find our security in Him, we can then give generously from what he has entrusted to us. This is our Christian duty."

- Billy Graham


As Heights and the church partner together, prayerfully considering how to best care for, encourage and support one another, God is glorified and more lives can be impacted for eternity.

The community benefits from Christian partners well equipped to address the spiritual, physical, emotional, and academic needs of children and their families, all in the name of Jesus!

The church benefits from increased resources, exercises great stewardship in expanding the use of the facility for increased ministry impact, and improved exposure as more families from the community are on campus for school and school-related events. 

The school benefits from access to a school building/facility, support, and promotion from the church to families that share the same values and Biblical worldview promoted in the school, and access to church connections for school families seeking a church-home and/or counseling and other related services.



For more than 40 years, families and students have benefitted from the unique structure of Heights. In our model, the District Office manages the “business” side of ministry, allowing the school administration, faculty and staff to focus on mission and excellence in education.  When partnering with a church, Heights provides expertise in school ministry freeing the church to focus on what they do best, church ministry.  Sometimes the schools operate under the church’s name; sometimes under the name of Heights Christian school, but always, under the banner of Christian school.  We embrace every one of our schools as God’s schools, all for His glory!

"Our partnership with Heights gave us the freedom to focus on what we do best—church ministry. They came in with a heart to serve and find ways we could partner together that was mutually beneficial."

- Pastor Louie Trevino


Every partnership opportunity is custom-tailored to the felt needs of the church and its community, and reflects a mutually beneficial construct that results in the achievement of mission and vision, while also promoting each other’s ministries.

After working together, 100% of the churches currently partnering with Heights agree, they cannot imagine moving to a church model that does not include school children on campus throughout the week!

Did you know?

Every employee of Heights is first and foremost a minister of the gospel! The mission of Heights is to lead children and their families into a relationship with Jesus Christ. In an effort to ensure that finances are not the reason that a committed family cannot attend our schools, more than $3.1 million in Tuition Assistance has been awarded to families over the past 5 years!


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