Transitional Kindergarten (TK) can best be described as a step up from Pre-Kindergarten and a step down from Kindergarten. This bonus year is designed specifically for students who are slightly younger, having just barely missed the kindergarten cut-off and/or for students who are slightly less mature than their same-age peers. Students in TK typically have birthdays between June and December, turning five shortly before or after the traditional school year begins.

Giving our daughter a bonus year to grow in confidence and maturity while under the watchful eye of her incredible TK teacher has been the biggest blessing not only for her but for us as well. Her love for learning has blossomed and she cannot wait to begin kindergarten next Fall!

- John S. - Parent, Brea Campus

Smiling young boy in a green shirt celebrates his plant project success at school.

Flexible like Pre-Kindergarten:

  • Students Learn How to Be Successful Students and Gain Personal Responsibility
  • Schedules Based on Student Performance  (If we need to rewind and do it all over again, we do)
  • No Pressure to Master Skills such as Independent Reading and Subtraction
  • Shorter Lesson Segments with Play Breaks and Wiggle Time Built In

Structured like Kindergarten:

  • Full Day Program; No Nap
  • Solid Bible Instruction
  • Hands On Approach to Learning
  • Quarterly Report of Progress Issued
  • Weekly Auxiliary Classes (PE, Music, and Technology)
  • Two 15-Minute Recess Breaks & a 45-Minute Lunch Period
  • Homework Provided Each Week to Help Develop Personal Responsibility and Strong Work Habits