Our Preschool Program serves children ages two to to six-years-old, and promotes each child’s spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. We provide a remarkably challenging and comprehensive preschool program that fully prepares students in each of these areas for success at the next level. Equipped and staffed with qualified teachers who love Jesus and young children, our preschools provide a group setting in which each child can feel secure, learn to separate easily from parents, and interact with other children of the same age in a group setting.

On each of our preschool campuses, we provide a Christian environment of genuine respect and loving appreciation for each person and the many wonders of God’s world. Each child is encouraged to progress at his/her own rate toward enriched experiences, self-discipline, and the ability to make wise choices. Through age-appropriate, highly engaging, and playful activities, preschool students readily advance in all areas.

Our preschools are open year-round with our traditional preschool year beginning in late August and ending in mid-June. The summer session runs mid-June through late August.

One of the hardest choices to make as a parent is who to entrust your child with. Making this decision brought me so much anxiety, however once we came to Heights, I was so relieved to know that I would be leaving my child in an environment where she would not only be safe and cared for but also an environment where she would be learning foundational faith based lessons and academics. She has now been there for 3 years and the staff at Heights feels like family!

- Amy G. - Parent, Brea Preschool

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