Physical Education
Students in grades K-8 participate in multiple PE classes each week taught by both the PE teacher and the classroom teacher. Our PE program encourages students to lead active lives and lays the foundation for the development of healthy lifestyles.

The purpose of athletics at HCS is to provide high quality athletic instruction and to equip student athletes to understand themselves and the world around them from a Christian point of view. This education is built through practices, games, team devotions, and functions related to athletic events.

In this process, strengthening each student's character is of the highest priority. In today’s world of clouded values, it is more essential than ever that our student athletes be instilled with the character that enables them to think clearly, act morally, and be responsible for their own choices.

HCS believes that each student should have an equal opportunity to become a team player. Trying out for a team should be a positive learning experience that allows every individual to simply do their best.

Sports offered to students in 5th-8th grade include: Boys Flag Football, Boys Basketball, Girls Volleyball, and Girls Basketball. At the 7th and 8th grade levels only, Track, Baseball (boys) and Softball (girls) are also offered.

For some students, sports are their outlet - that thing that helps them to focus, keeps them driven to work hard, and provides positive connections to their peers. The athletics program at HCS aims to not only strengthen our students physically but also mentally as strong character is developed on the field, the court, and the track.

- Jason McCleary - Vice Principal & Athletic Director, Bluefield Campus