Studies show that students that participate in the arts achieve higher grades in school have a higher graduation rate from high school, and an increased rate of enrollment in college. At HCS, we offer students a variety of opportunities in the area of fine arts including visual art, vocal, instrumental, worship, drama and musical theater. Through these activities, many students discover God's plan for them to perform and create. For others, it is a tool God uses to mold and shape them, and to develop skills and confidence they will carry with them for a lifetime, no matter what God's plan is for their lives.


For our soft-spoken and painfully shy teenager, musical theater has provided not only a confidence boost but also a strong connection to a tight-knit circle of friends that motivate and encourage her to be the best she can be. Being part of such a fun group has helped our daughter further develop talents she has always kept hidden. We can’t help but give the HCS theater program and the dedicated crew behind the scenes a standing ovation.

- Nathan J. - Parent, Bluefield Campus


In addition to frequent art activities in the classroom, HCS partners with Art Masters providing quarterly art enrichment to students. Each quarter, students attend an interactive and engaging assembly introducing them to a featured artist and his/her work. In the weeks that follow, using a wide array of art supplies, students participate in a classroom art lesson creating a piece of their very own in the likeness of that quarter’s featured artist.


Using a highly engaging and interactive curriculum, students in grades K-6 benefit from weekly instruction in both music theory and music appreciation taught by a specially trained music teacher.

At the junior high level, students have the option to participate in a variety of musical experiences including choir, show choir, hand bells, band, and worship team all taught by specialized music teachers.

Each of our music classes encourage active music making in and out of the classroom, developing a love and appreciation for music while strengthening the God-given talents and abilities our students already have.


The pages of a script come to life through a series of engaging scenes at least twice each year when our young actors take the stage to perform for friends and family. The theater program at HCS  offers a highly supportive environment for all student actors to develop courage on stage, refine performance skills, and build lifelong friendships.