Does Heights have an International Student program?

HCS offers to international student programs; International Students and International Visitors.

International Students are defined as those who are required to have an I-20 in order to study in the United States.  HCS welcomes international students, providing an environment in which students may achieve fluency in English, a strong academic foundation, while experiencing American culture within a Christian context.  The International Student Program is open to students, Kindergarten through 8th grade.

The International Visitor Program welcomes K-8th students for a maximum of 2-months with an emphasis on exposing them to American culture and Christian values.  International Visitors may come at any time of the year, and are not issued I-20s. As International visitors, they will be fully submerged in the English language for 100% of their day. They attend classes with their peers in academic settings, and participate in auxiliary classes; however, they do not receive school credit for the academics completed during their visit.