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We are a private school system with a total of seven campuses located in the western region of the United States. Having multiple campuses across Southern California allows us to offer students and families the stability that smaller stand-alone schools may not provide, as well as the unique opportunity of professional collaboration between our highly qualified faculty and staff at each of our school locations.



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A modern building nestled amidst trees and mountains at the Heights Brea campus.
Heights Chino Hills Elementary School nestled amidst greenery, with a welcoming front parking lot and a charming tile roof.
Modern Chino Hills school campus nestled against a picturesque mountain backdrop.
A modern building, a vibrant playground, and an expansive play area at La Habra Heights Preschool & Infant Center
Panoramic view of Heights Christian School's sprawling La Mirada campus, showcasing greenery and ample parking.
A sunny preschool playground with a red slide, blue shade, and modern building at Ramona Preschool campus.
Map of Southern California showcasing the seven Heights Christian Schools campuses.

7 campuses across southern california

12 Programs

2000+ Students

More than 40 years served

Educating children ages Infant - 8th Grade

250+ Faculty/Staff averaging 10 years experience

$3.1M Awarded in tuition assistance over five years

1 in 4 Students receive Financial Aid

What our parents are saying

Kay W.

PROUD PARENT - La Habra Heights Preschool & Infant Center

HCS is the only way to go. Not only are all of the teachers and staff passionate about children and their education, but they pour Christ into them every single day. Being a working parent it’s difficult to find a situation where you feel that your kids are receiving quality care, but at Heights, I know my children are safe, loved, and receiving Jesus on a daily basis.

Katie S.

PROUD PARENT - La Mirada Elementary

The teachers are amazing. Thank you for all you do. We also like the Friendzy program explicitly teaching children emotional and social skills.

Michelle K.

PROUD PARENT - Brea Preschool and Infant Center

I wanted a Bible based education for my children and an environment where my children saw God's word and love on a daily basis. Additionally, I wanted a school were rigor that was comparable to the high performing schools in the surrounding years. Heights meets all of my requirements and I'm very happy with our choice to attend here. 

Heidi W.

PROUD PARENT - Intermediate Program/Junior High

Without a doubt, the importance of a Christian worldview and education was a deciding factor in our decision to enroll at Heights. During Covid-19 safety was a priority but so was recognizing that students needed to be in a classroom and moving toward a normal school experience sooner than later.

And that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 3:15

Lastest News

mom & daughter high five

In the journey of nurturing our children, education plays a pivotal role in shaping their character, values, and future. As Christian parents, we believe that education should not only encompass academic knowledge but also provide a solid foundation of faith and love for Christ. Partnering with schools to achieve this holistic vision of education is not only beneficial but also essential. In this blog post, we'll explore how parents can get more involved in their child's education from a Christian worldview, emphasizing the importance of collaboration with schools.

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Heights Christian Schools Intermediate and Junior High had the opportunity to turning hunger into hope by packing meals for hungry children around the world. From October 19-21, HCS partnered with Verve City Church and Feed My Starving Children for a MobilePack event.

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mom & daughter high five

The back-to-school season is a time of new beginnings, excitement, and challenges. As Christian parents, we have a unique opportunity to guide our children not only in their academic pursuits but also in their spiritual growth. Here are five ways to help your children into the new school year with confidence and a strong spiritual foundation.

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Summer camp is a time of adventure, growth, and camaraderie for children of all ages. For students entering Kindergarten through 7th grade, Christian summer camps offer a unique experience that combines fun activities, spiritual guidance, and social interactions. Beyond the religious teachings, summer campus provide a range of social benefits that contribute to the holistic development of young students. In this blog, we will explore the social advantages of Christian summer camp and why it can be an enriching experience for children.

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Each year, parents are faced with the decision of whether to enroll their children in a public school or apply to a private school. Private Christian education has become increasingly popular among families who are looking for a way to invest in their children's education while also nurturing their faith.

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Five Easy Ways to Start the School Year Refreshed and Ready

A new school year is just weeks away. The beginning of the year is an adjustment for even the most experienced parents. No one has it perfectly together and there is no magic formula for calming the craziness. However, there are some things that you can do to make sure that you – mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or any caregiver -are caring for yourself first so that you can give to your children from an overflow, rather than an empty cup. Heights Christian Schools gives five ways to take care of yourself as the back-to-school hustle begins.

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Why Heights Christian School for Your Child?

Randall Long, Principals of Heights Christian School's Chino Hills Campus details the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of a Christian education.

While a private education is not cheap, Heights Christian Schools educates students for far less than the $12,000-$16,000 per year that California public schools spend educating students. For many families, tuition is a sacrifice but, at the same time, it is an incredible investment in your most precious asset-your child.

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Why Parents Made the Switch from Public to Private School During COVID-19 - Heights Christian Schools

Until Covid-19, many families in the U.S. ruled out private-school education for their children because of the cost. Yet as the coronavirus raged on, parents increasingly sought out schools that were fully in-person rather than remote — and, for many, that meant switching to an independent institution, regardless of price tag.


During the outbreak in March 2020, when the original Shelter in Place orders were issued, Heights Christian Schools was able to finish the school year successfully and continue to provide excellent academic instruction to over 2,000 students. Emergency childcare was available for first responders, health professionals and essential service providers on many of the HCS campuses, and all preschool families enjoyed At-Home Activity Ideas for their little ones while not on campus.

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Kindergarten today can easily be described as busy, fast, and rigorous.    Kindergarten students are expected to master concepts in math, reading, language, science, and social studies.  If that isn’t enough, schools are also tasked with making sure that each child is on the path to well-roundedness with exposure to the arts, music, foreign language, athletics, and technology. 


Jodie Whittemore, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Heights Christian Schools details the factors that determine kindergarten readiness. 


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