Safety at HCS

Student safety is of the utmost importance; a topic that is under continuous review. We are consistently looking for ways to ensure that our school campuses are secure, and that our faculty and staff are trained and prepared for any emergency situation.


Components of our Safety Plan:


Rigorous training for faculty and staff

  • Full campus emergency drills conducted monthly (fire, earthquake, disaster and/or lockdown).

  • Cooperation with local fire, police and other first responders.  These officials serve as observers during drills (providing impressions and feedback) as well as leading training sessions for our staff during school in-services.

  • Safety Table Talks designed to lead campus personnel through various emergency scenarios, giving specific attention to individual staff response immediately as an event occurs and in the minutes/hours as an event unfolds.

  • Faculty meetings include safety topics to review campus plans for crisis prevention and plans for protocols and decisive actions should an emergency event occur.  The focus is on the prevention, management and aftermath of a crisis designed to strengthen safety at school.


  • HCS subscribes to Connect 5, a mass notification service.  Connect 5, as well as email updates through ParentsWeb, allow us to keep parents informed of developing situations on campus whenever needed.

Volunteers on Campus

  • For the safety of our students and staff, all volunteers on campus must complete a Volunteer Application process that includes a confidential background check.

  • Background checks for volunteers are automatically performed annually.

Closed Campus

  • To maximize student safety, it is the goal of HCS to maintain closed campuses.  Only enrolled students may be on campus during hours of operation.  All visitors must check-in at the School Office to obtain permission and a Visitor Pass in order to visit.

  • To properly secure the front office and entrances we combine building design, video surveillance, guest management systems, policies, procedures and staff training.

  • All exterior classroom doors are kept locked throughout the day when children are in classrooms.